Precisely what does the expression „hook right up“ imply for you?

Precisely what does the expression „hook right up“ imply for you?

I’ve seen folks utilize that phrase to mean from “meet” to “have sex”, and all things in between. If someone states to you “Wanna connect?” what exactly do you would imagine they’re inquiring?

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    to imply it means let us have sexual intercourse sometimes it indicates lets hang out; for me it depends on that is claiming they

    It used to indicate “meet”, today this means “have sex”.

    I’m floating around Force and that I know that boom providers on KC-135 Stratotankers (aerial refueling jets) utilize the appearance “hook upwards” to indicate that they’re about to join with a trailing airplane to begin fueling it while they are aloft.

    Now, regarding the very substance of matter, if someone askes me easily need ‘hook up’, I’m using the idea which they like to go out, celebrate, and luxuriate in each rest business. A lot like venturing out on a night out together, partially or entirely.

    Entirely relies on the perspective. My pals used they both techniques. Instance “lets get together this weekend” or “jimmy and I entirely installed yesterday evening!!”

    This means “hang away” to me whenever someone asks when we like to “hook up”

    If a pal requires us to “hook right up,” it generally speaking suggests fulfill someplace. If a guy who I’m not just set up pal with asks me, it probably ways anything more suggestive. Easily state We “hooked up” with somebody, I most likely mean that We made down using them, maybe a little more, but I differentiate between “hooking upwards” as well as sex with somebody.

    better no less than it’s obvious I’m not incorrect to believe its meaning is ambiguous…. (mehr …)