BDSM Bondage Board or Bondage Frame Table

BDSM Bondage Board or Bondage Frame Table

If you’re looking decisive hyperlink for the best of the best, this is the one to check out. The Archer Bowchair is a handcrafted bouncing sex chair that’s as functional as is sexy. It was originally designed to “provide relief to women suffering from problems associated with female sexual dysfunction and pelvic floor disorders during sexual intercourse”. but is also just really fun and very durable for anybody. “The rebounding carbon fiber leaf springs and elastic frame components, coupled with a shape that caresses the human form, is enjoyable and exhilarating for all. ”

Queening Stools

A queening chair is a chair designed for one partner to be seated while receiving oral sex from the partner whose head is beneath the stool. When positioned correctly, it can make cunnilingus and rimming easier for both the giver and receiver. The chair above is collapsible for easy storage, and fairly inexpensive as far as sex furniture goes.

Shower Grip

Your grandparents might have one of these for their bathroom. but did you know that you can use shower assists to get the perfect position for shower play or bath time fun? You didn’t know what you were missing out on, huh? Visiting grandma’s house will never be the same again.

Sex Bed

You might be thinking, how is this different than any other bed? It’s not, but if you’re creative and are looking for discrete functionality, getting a sturdy canopy bed enables you add a variety of straps for a variety of positions, while no one is the wiser. they just think you like the canopy bed for show. Little do they know…

Bondage Bedsheets

Don’t want to change your bed but want something for bedtime play? Sportsheets has a restraint system to explore your fantasies, or as they like to say, “put the bond in bondage”.

Sex Swings

While not furniture per se, a sex swing is often a temporary modification (often to a door or bed ) to your home that gives you the ability to prop hold your partner up in the perfect position for play. (mehr …)