As practice shows, some lovers find it hard to let the partner go hang out with friends

As practice shows, some lovers find it hard to let the partner go hang out with friends

A gamer girl is a dream of any man addicted to games – it would be a lot more enjoyable to spend evenings using AWP middle to bomb enemies from safe spots instead of wandering around shopping malls looking for one more dress or bag. Nevertheless, finding such a girl and winning over her heart requires you to come up with your own unconventional strategy. This is what we’ll cover in our article today.

About Gamer Girls

In fact, there are a lot fewer girls who are willing to spend hours in front of the computer than men. Gamer girls compose 20-40% among all girls (depending on their country of residence), whereas there are 60+% gamers among guys.

Obviously, girls usually value their social life more than achieving a new level for their champ. Those who don’t fit this rule will be a great companion for you, though, and a gamer girl can always join you for a Hot Seat party.

Gamer Girls‘ Advantages

There is perhaps no gamer guy who wouldn’t like to meet a girl with similar interests. But why exactly would he want to date a gamer girl? The answer is simple – to have both a loved girlfriend and a great friend who would help out during heated online battles. You can discuss the latest wins, wait for the release of a new game, and wonder what developers have been doing because there were no updates for the whole week. Below we gathered four key advantages of having a gamer girlfriend:

She knows the value of alone time. Many of us sometimes need to spend several hours apart from our partners, even if you are crazy in love and happy together. With a gamer girl, this issue is not likely to be a part of your relationship. They know themselves how important it is to spend some time alone or with friends. Besides, gamer girl dating can be a great opportunity to spend more time playing your favorite game without feeling obligated to your girlfriend.

She is more intelligent than average. (mehr …)