Important information for adults on the site

Important information for adults on the site

Cyberbullying and peer pressure can cause huge stress on a child, a parent or gaurdian should be aware of the signs of this happening and have an open line of communication with their child so they can talk to them about what’s going on, and what can be done to prevent it from happening further.

Take your child seriously if he or she reports an uncomfortable online exchange. Be sure that offensive conversations are reported to our team so they may be investigated. It could help with banning the bad member and will help to ensure the safety for your child.


Be cautious about what you put on your profile and which photos you upload. There is always the possibility online of attracting someone harmful’s attention. Do not reveal your personal data such as your place of residence, cell phone number or the name of your school to unknown people or people who might claim to live nearby.

Do not meet anyone in person who you have met online from Wireclub. You might think you’ve met someone who is completely trustworthy, but you can’t be positive they are who they say they are. Always alert your parents before making decisions about meeting people from the internet and be sure they come with you and that it is in a public setting. Don’t let yourself be lured by senseless promises such as a model agent wanting to make you a model or promises of money, gifts, and the like as a reward for photos dating site for jewish people or a meeting.

Do not engage in sexual discussion on Wireclub period. We do not allow this. Your account will be banned and your access will be rescricted if you are caught engaging in sexual activity on the website.

If an adult tries to involve you in sexual discussion, asks you for personal photos, or to meet them, please report their account to us immediately.

Do not pretend to be an adult by misrepresenting your age. There is no need to do this because Wireclub is a 13+ website and has measures to protect you. (mehr …)