The leadership entirely ignores those sections, don’t they?

The leadership entirely ignores those sections, don’t they?

And if the prohibition is based upon the fact that it is a civil crime, what of those in countries where it is not against the law to practice polygamy?

That reminds me, when was the last time anyone ever quoted any portions of D&C 132 that dealt with plural marriage in general conference? I wonder what would happen if someone got up in church during fast and testimony meeting and started reading from those sections and bearing testimony of them? Would they be asked to step down?

I decided to answer my own question and look up on when the last time anyone in general conference quoted any of the plural e across a talk given by Gordon B. Hinckley during the October 1998 General Conference, where he answered some questions that people were typically asking. (mehr …)

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thirteen. Pin by Ms Mitchell toward Women

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