You have to be able to manage the the tasks given in full

You have to be able to manage the the tasks given in full

5) You may be asked to do something or may be required to do something that you may not think is the right choice or even a good idea. You must be willing and ready to do these things without asking or knowing why they need to be done, and without hesitating to do them.

6) You may be given multiple tasks to handle and all of them need to be completed which can sometimes interfere with your personal schedule or social life even.

Users also count on moderators in times of need when they are being excessively harassed and simply blocking the abusers hasn’t stopped the abuse

7) Moderators on every website endure stressful situations on a daily basis and have to be able to mentally focus and complete tasks while not cracking under the pressure of stress. This is sometimes the most challenging aspect to being a moderator.

If you love to help people, you’ll probably enjoy moderating in Wireclub, but if helping people is something that you object to or have difficulty with, moderating is not something you’d enjoy doing and may lead to conflict later on down the road

8) Can you remain as positive as humanly possible even during the most stressful situations and carry yourself in a manner that’s respectable and dignified? It’s human nature to become negative and give up hope in stressful or difficult times which all moderators face eventually. (mehr …)

On Fri, , Snuffy wrote: We only take paypal

On Fri, , Snuffy wrote: We only take paypal

Thanks for the email and i really do appreciate, I’ll need you to recalculate my order alone and email me with the total cost of my order and don’t worry about the shipping cost because i have my personal shipping agent in USA that will come for the pick up of the package in your company and i have inform them about this and they told me the best way to come for the pick up in your store is for you to email me with the information needed below,

I would have love to do this my self but there are no money gram here around me because i am out of town to monitor my estate construction at a remote village,So the charges you’ll make on my credit card will be:

* Company Name and Address – * Time the package will be ready for pick up with your convenience time and date – * Contact Person for the pickup arrangement – * Telephone Number – * Weight of the package and how many boxes are they –

Kindly email me back with this details along with the total of my order so that i can give you my card details for the payment now, Thanks again and I’ll be expecting your email,

You will have to make the order through the site and pay them. I just have to be sure we have enough supplies

Anyway, I calculated it for you $880 Once the products are ready you can pay PayPal through the website

On 5:48 PM, Tom Clancy wrote: Snuffy I am sorry i can only make payment via my credit card account and I’ll wait for the funds to get cleared into your account before you release the order, please advice so that i can proceed with my order,

On Fri, , Snuffy wrote: it is unfortunate but my company is too small to take credit card. it is my understanding from paypal though that they do take credit cards for payment. visa, mastercard etc.

On Wed, , Snuffy wrote: The materials should be here in a couple of weeks. (mehr …)