Another factor that causes a snap hook is a grip that is too strong

Another factor that causes a snap hook is a grip that is too strong

Isn’t this more a pull hook rather than a snap hook?

Man, if we could only take Trackman with us on the course……I don’t know how people played golf before Trackman. People are human and will never eliminate bad swings….maybe on Trackman…but out on the course it isn’t going to happen.

That is an outside in swing path with a closed face at impact which is a recipe for a pull snap hook

How do I stop hitting it on the toe and snapping a hook from there? I seem to be able to hit the toe on command

If your correct your inside out swing path for the snap hook, you will start hitting more the center of the clubface. The reason you hit the toe, if you are a hooker is because the face is so closed that the toe of the club is what contacts the ball first. Most people hit the toe of the club because their swing is too much up and down and they hit slices, this is not you’re problem if you are a hooker! Your problem is a swing path problem and possibly a grip fix. Exaggerate your downswing path so that you start fading or slicing the ball and you will gradually see your toe hooks disappear. The best tip I’ve seen for this is to cut a tennis ball in half, tee the ball up, put one half of the tennis ball about six inches in front of the ball and one inch outside your target line; put the other half 6 inches behind the ball and one inch inside the target line. (mehr …)