Computers & Web Tinder. Forgot about any of it bond, I have a tale to share with you men

Computers & Web Tinder. Forgot about any of it bond, I have a tale to share with you men


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Fit with a significant looking Asian lady on Bumble. Most clearly a hookup visibility – recommendations to kinks and sado maso etc.

1st content ended up being most to the stage, asks to hook-up within the woman second message.

After a bit more talking-to set up it was not a (switching social media marketing an such like), I agree. Appears legit, she works at a really spiritual school.

We push to their apartment and within about five minutes of talk she offers beside me the girl intent: to fu** a 100 dudes for all the season. She claims „I’m to 91 up to now, you will end up wide variety 92“.

Pretty amazing trained with was just October and we also have been in lockdown most of the year.

My very first consideration is actually damn, STDs and sh*t. But I shrug that considered off pretty rapidly and figure we’ll wrap it up tight.

I would very nearly describe their as a sex nerd, insane quantities of gizmos etc readily available, even enjoys a video site about the girl projects.

I will not enter into a lot of more detail but let’s merely state their feel absolutely showed. I have have a fairly vanilla extract history so I is surely branching on slightly.

The kicker was actually when she said she fucked men with the same label as me the evening before, plus in a toss-up between myself and another man she got speaking I managed to get the nod because she believed she’d desire „bang 2 Harry’s in a row“.

After a few rounds she kicks me completely at 9:30 and gets back again to establishing documents. I assume getting some haphazard unique D almost every other night was this lady launch from active instructor existence


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Forgot about this thread, i’ve an account to talk about dudes. (mehr …)