Get A Really Good Lube For Your bed-side table

Get A Really Good Lube For Your bed-side table

There are certain reasons why the culture has been shaped this way, but that’s outside the scope of this article, but you should keep in mind that female ejaculation is looked down on by many people.

We need to get rid of those fears and think about it logically; squirting is fun, healthy and healing, so why not make it part of everyday life and a great sex life?

On all accounts, female gushing is healthy and healing. It is a way to relax, ‘blow off steam‘ and add another dimension of pleasure to the standard female orgasm.

It also promotes the release of regenerating and emotionally bonding hormones into the bloodstream. You will need a partner who sees things this way as well.

If the physical side of things is taken care of, and your still not cumming then consider the possibility that you have deeper feelings of shame surrounding sex and make an effort to overcome these. We don’t need those feelings anyway.

A mature, sophisticated guy will find a girls who can gush as a massive turn on, sexy and much more fun in the bedroom. (mehr …)